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Talent Strategy

Nowadays the international community is full of competition. The enterprises are all so. One enterprise wants to win in the competition, it must depend on comprehensive strength firstly. But, talent is the most valuable wealth and the final competition. Only in this way, can one enterprise which has first-rate talent win in the competition. However, to get excellent talent, the enterprise must form good atmosphere that is attaching importance to talent.


In line with the strategic guiding ideology of “Putting People First”, Shenzhen Tech-power Technology Co., Ltd (TPC) designs a concept of human resource management based on the corporate culture with full of “TPC” special features. It is aim at building a broad stage to search talent, attract talent, train talent and develop talent, cultivating a spiritual home for enterprise and talent.
1. Encourage enterprise cultural atmosphere----“Putting People First”;
2. Attract various talents widely;
3. Open up more channels of talent;
4. Form three human resources layers; 
5. Adhere to the four employing principles;
6. Create fair environment of competition;
7. Design challenging career for staffs;
8. Keep definite staff mobility;
9. Realize staffs’ spiritual stimulation by multifarious and rich work;
10. Establish fair and reasonable staff promotion mechanism;


The essence of talent strategy: Talent is a strategic resource.
The core of talent strategy: “Putting people first”. Cultivate, attract, use and search talent.


Talent management elements
In recent years, different industries and different levels are both lack of talent in China. Talent shortage is more and more obvious. So, how to discover, train, optimize and encourage talent, and realize optimized talent management, and let talent create value become more important than ever before.


Generally, talent management constitutes by five factors:

Talent Absorption
Distinguish, attract, assess and recruit appropriate employees.


Talent Development
Help company to manage the development, continuing education, identification and other study activities of each staff.


Talent Assessment
Use performance management to coordinate, supervise, assess, authorize and improve staffs’ performance.


Talent Motivation
According to salary management, associate the stimulation, encouragement, staff performance with the enterprise objective.


Talent Planning
Through the planning and allocation of human resources, let the staffs who have high work fervor, suitable skills and experience work at the corresponding position.